What is “Quality”?

    Human Being is the identified from their qualities(character, attitude, classification) society has tagged about their status so the word quality is a small word but huge meaning which is impossible to define it. But while to consider about the quality we have to segregate this definition.

      Being a human, we must have good character with positive attitude and should be helpful person.There is no specific way to evaluate quality of human beings. However, it can’t be expressed in measurement units, there indeed are certain indicators of quality.

“Quality” has segregated in various forms:-

          While an employee has knowledge of their organization as well their duties of own designation. Students have aware about their education. But actually there is no such a technology has investigated to measure human beings quality.  Everyone is unique in this universe, no one is similar to anyone else, so how can we judge others quality I know no one is perfect in this world, even you and I also have flaw so we do not have right to point other’s quality and blaming others.

          Everyone has their own identity to identify themselves. No one is wrong, just different is a theory of life so never blame to others quality, But perception is contradictory. If you cannot encourage such a person who are under cloud waiting for support or staring towards sunlight no right to discourage them. Never forgot of being human,you are not  always superior. you used to tell me that karma is bitch. One-day it will be back up.


"Who are you?" ----I am daughter of god "What you want to be?" ----- want to be responsible and successful person. " ALWAYS ASK YOURSELF & FIND ANSWER"

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