Peaceful Warrior


      Yesterday I watched “peaceful warrior “movie on you tube. It was wonderful movie. There is major character “Dan Millman” is protagonist. Dan Millman is an university student and famous gymnast who wants to win National championship competition. But he suffers from agitate. Sometimes, he shows abnormal behaviors. He meets with an old man named as “Socrates”. Socrates recognize Dan’s problem better than himself so he usually visit in car service station to solve his problem. Sometime he disagrees with his suggestion.  Then he left. All of sudden he got a car accident and has to spend alone and become cure also. Doctors told him that he could not able to play gymnast as well as his trainer also. He gets frustrate, depressed and alienation. One day he goes to meet Socrates tell everything about his past how he suffered of his own alienation. Then Socrates told him to spend alone for a night he did it and find his answer of his question what is happiness? Socrates help him to be strong and make ready for compete in National championship. Finally he got success to win.


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 Here Socrates means his soul Dan chasing his soul so he got success.

       While he does his routine, Dan performs flawlessly just like Pommel Horse tryouts. Moments before he completes his routine,

        Lesson from this movie is listen of your instincts not from outsider they do not who you are and what you are but you recognize yourself and you know what you have to do.  


"Who are you?" ----I am daughter of god "What you want to be?" ----- want to be responsible and successful person. " ALWAYS ASK YOURSELF & FIND ANSWER"

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